An Update on the Peak Performance Update

Greetings Great Ones! I’m not just hoping…I’m guessing that you are having an incredible day! That’s because you are a Lifetime Athlete, which of course makes everything better.

So of course I first salute you in your quest as well as your leadership. This is just what the title says…an update or actually a mojo injection. Possibly even a “state of the lifetime athlete union address.”

Today I have three quick thoughts to share with you. They are neither totally random nor completely unrelated.

  1. Gratitude to you for being part of this community. It’s fitting to start here. I continue to be inspired by the people that I interact with…those who I coach and train, and those who are readers, listeners, viewers…YOU. Thank you. It’s your presence and input that is helping me to continually shape and refine what goes on at The Lifetime Athlete. The goal is the same. To help as many people as possible to achieve peak performance through the lifespan. We are growing and making progress.
  2. Healthcare. Period. However you define it, healthcare is an interesting topic and an arena in which there are many opinions, experts, and models regarding delivery, refinement, cost-containment, and the like. The single most important thing I’ve noticed, and regarding which I’ve received lots of feedback from our community, is that Lifetime Athletes are ideal members of the healthcare system. In general, you are healthier, higher-performing people who need to utilize the system less. You take ownership for your well-being in an active, not passive manner. You cost the system less. And if we can just get more of you (the mission), the entire system will cost less. Check out Ep171 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast…”Making Healthcare Healthier, Part 1.” 
  3. Make your hamstrings healthy for life. Or create bulletproof hammies. Or avoid “tearing yourself a new one (hammy).” Do this by joining the Training Tribe and not just receiving optimized training for your strength, speed, power, agility and endurance but by participating in our weekly MasterClasses and learning how to get the mostest out of your beastly bod. 

Anyhoo, you are amazing! Onward and upward!

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