Introduction to Running Performance

This is a quick post to let you know about a series I’ll be working on this summer. It’s all about Running Performance. Are you an avid runner who wants to dive into the nitty gritty science that can help you get faster, stay injury-free, and just get more enjoyment out of your running? Are you a team sport athlete who wants to train more effectively? Do you have a chronic injury or pain issue and you need to find the root cause, see the big picture, and solve your problem once and for all? No matter your passion or your level, if you want to learn how to move better on two feet, you’ll like some of the topics I’m going to cover.

  • Selecting the Ideal Running Shoe
  • How to Analyze Your Running Gait
  • Running Technique Simplified
  • Overreaching and Overextending…2 common form errors, the injuries they cause, and how to correct the issues
  • Types of Running Workouts
  • Designing Your Running Program
  • The Runner’s Warmup Procedure
  • Barefoot Running
  • Supplemental Conditioning: Exercises that transfer best for runners
  • The Magic of Recovery
  • Working with a Coach…even if it’s yourself
  • Arm Action
  • Foot Strike
  • Sprinting Done Right
  • Humorous Stories filled with advice for every runner

As we progress through the summer, each week, I’ll be offering up some information on the topics above, as well as a few others. The articles will be supported by podcasts and videos, and you can use the content as a resource for your best summer (and beyond) of running ever.

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