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Thriving While Traveling

We all travel for a variety of reasons, and this can include business trips as well as vacations. But does travel have to leave you exhausted, with an illness, out of shape, and having gained a ton of weight?   Of course not, if you do a few simple things. This week’s topic is all about not just surviving, but…

People with Perspectives: Elliot Canfield…JACKED and Beyond!

I recently had the utterly fabulous opportunity to engage with a dude who has many valuable insights into the world of health and fitness, as well as LIFE. That’s Elliot Canfield, and he’s a guy who shared with me many of his views and approaches to wellness…including how he used Project JACKED to lose 50 pounds and keep it off!…

Your Inner Athlete

Embrace your inner athlete and get more out of your training…and LIFE!

Training and Dieting Advice

Losing weight at the right pace so that you don’t lose muscle mass is very important for the health enthusiast.

The Lifetime Body Podcast is the Show of the Week!

I’ve got some exciting news! The Lifetime Body Podcast was just named the inaugural “Show of the Week” by Castos. This is a huge honor for PK and I to be recognized as innovators in podcasting and health information delivery. We are proud and thankful and will keep on bringing you quality wellness education and entertainment!   There are a…

The Moob and the Booty

It seems folks often want to lose in the moob department and gain in the booty department. We’ll show you how to do just that.

Project JACKED (the book) is Here!

Getting leaner, healthier, fitter, and more energized are all connected. When you get JACKED, you get all this and more. Get your copy of Project JACKED today.

The Lifetime Body Podcast!

Enjoy listening to a show that boils down the science and gives you Pearls of Wellness Wisdom to help you Make Your Body Last a Lifetime!