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Sports Performance for Everyone…a Conversation with Joel Smith

The athletic preparation field is an immense one, and it covers myriad related disciplines. Many of the practices or characteristics of elite athletes can be viewed as lessons from high-level practitioners of physical art. And we can often use those examples to get more out of our own fitness and competitive endeavors. I recently had the absolute honor and privilege…

Ep051 – Elite Beasts…And What We Can Learn From Them!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep051 - Elite Beasts...And What We Can Learn From Them!

Today’s show is all about using the AnimalFit system, and identifying the unique beasts represented by two elite athletes. We celebrate the athleticism of Zion Williamson and Khalen Saunders as we discuss their gifts and traits. Check out this article for videos and data on these amazing performers and get some perspectives on how you can get more out of…

Body Types of Elite Athletes

There are many things we can learn from elite athletes. Among these are how to maximally appreciate and optimally utilize our unique bodies in our sporting pursuits. I’m going to provide several examples of athletic bodies. I’m also going to describe these athletes in relation to AnimalFit, the proprietary body type training system I developed and that I use extensively…