Body Types of Elite Athletes

There are many things we can learn from elite athletes. Among these are how to maximally appreciate and optimally utilize our unique bodies in our sporting pursuits.

I’m going to provide several examples of athletic bodies. I’m also going to describe these athletes in relation to AnimalFit, the proprietary body type training system I developed and that I use extensively with my clients.

First, let’s take a look at Zion Williamson, who played forward for the Duke Blue Devils for one year. Williamson is expected to be the top pick in this year’s NBA draft. At 6’7” and 285 pounds, this 18 y/o athlete is known for his amazing athleticism and his prolific dunking on the court. What strikes many is how such a large, heavily-muscled player can move with so much agility and air time. As a mesomorphic/endomorphic athlete, Williamson represents a Wolverine in the AnimalFit kingdom. With primary gifts of speed and explosiveness, combined with secondary attributes of mass and mobility, he is redefining the image of the all-around player. What are his strengths? Does he have weaknesses to consider? What can we expect from him during his professional career? These questions and more are the things that PK & I discuss during this week’s podcast.

Next up we have Khalen Saunders, who was just selected in the third round by the Kansas City Chiefs. As a defensive tackle out of Western Illinois University, Saunders doesn’t fit the typical lineman’s body type, because he is considered “small” at 6’0” and 324 pounds. But he compensates for his height deficit (compared to his opponents) with extreme athletic ability, including having a 30-inch vertical leap and running a 5.1-second 40-yard dash. And…he can do standing backflips! In the podcast, we discuss in detail how Saunders uses his body’s gifts strategically and what might be some of his concerns with regard to training and longevity. In AnimalFit terms, he is a Badger extraordinaire.

I think you will enjoy the podcast, as it brings up three major points upon which AnimalFit is based, and that we can all benefit from understanding. First, each of us is unique, with our own set of gifts, traits, and abilities. Identifying and embracing those characteristics is incredibly valuable. Second, having that enhanced physical self-knowledge can steer us towards the sports or go-to fitness activities that best fit our bodies. This gives the greatest potential for success, injury prevention, and enjoyment. Third, that same self knowledge, coupled with intelligent training, can be leveraged to increase results in practically any athletic endeavor. I hope you can embrace your inner animal, unleash that beast, and unlock your full potential. If you want to dive deeper, check out the show and grab your copy of AnimalFit today!

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