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AnimalFIT…Released Into The Wild!

Do you know your body type and how to train it? Become AnimalFIT…use my new book to Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential! Wanna get started learning about Somatotypes and Anthropometrics? Enjoy some podcasts and stay tuned for more to come!

Ep181 – Understanding Anthropometrics

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep181 - Understanding Anthropometrics

The word Anthropometrics comes from the Greek roots of human shape and studying its design. Understanding anthropometrics begins with recognizing your skeletal diameter (bone thickness) and joint mobility. Appreciating these parameters helps you to select exercise and design programming for optimal results. You can learn about your own anthropometrics, and much more in my new book AnimalFIT. Grab your copy…

Appreciating Your Body Type

Do you have your training totally dialed in for your unique body and your specific goals? Are you feeling, looking, and performing at your absolute best? If so, please don’t read any further. In fact, if you answered yes to the last two questions, reach out to me so that I can learn from you. But if you are like…

Ep177 – An Introduction to Somatotypes

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep177 - An Introduction to Somatotypes

This episode of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast features an introduction to somatotypes. Do you know what kind of body type you have, and how you can leverage it for your best health and performance? Listen in and learn more! This podcast was brought to you by The Lifetime Athlete Coaching and Training Services. Our focus is helping you to achieve…

Understanding Muscle Contractions for Better Performance

Today’s article addresses the following questions: Should we just go through the motions with exercise and training or can we be more purposeful in how we contract our muscles in the pursuit of results? In certain sports or movement patterns, do our bodies have a tendency to utilize one type of contraction over another? As I consider that first question…

Ep075 – Training Secrets…Leveraging Strengths and Weaknesses for Maximum Results in Performance and Longevity!

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep075 - Training Secrets...Leveraging Strengths and Weaknesses for Maximum Results in Performance and Longevity!

Sorry for the long title but this show is worth a listen. PK and I go over some of the foundational concepts of AnimalFit and TLB. We discuss ways to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses, recognize them as gifts, and celebrate the hell out of them. Learn how to minimize, moderate, and maximize training emphases to get more out…

Ep052 – Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipchoge…Lessons from the Greats!

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Ep052 - Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipchoge...Lessons from the Greats!

Usain Bolt and Eliud Kipchoge are two of the greatest runners, and athletes, of all time. Their body types, training habits, and competitive techniques are amazing. In this episode, we examine their respective gifts and the lessons from these greats that we can apply to our own athletics. For some additional insights into excellence, and some great videos and stats,…

Ep051 – Elite Beasts…And What We Can Learn From Them!

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep051 - Elite Beasts...And What We Can Learn From Them!

Today’s show is all about using the AnimalFit system, and identifying the unique beasts represented by two elite athletes. We celebrate the athleticism of Zion Williamson and Khalen Saunders as we discuss their gifts and traits. Check out this article for videos and data on these amazing performers and get some perspectives on how you can get more out of…

Body Types of Elite Athletes

There are many things we can learn from elite athletes. Among these are how to maximally appreciate and optimally utilize our unique bodies in our sporting pursuits. I’m going to provide several examples of athletic bodies. I’m also going to describe these athletes in relation to AnimalFit, the proprietary body type training system I developed and that I use extensively…

Peak Performance and Workouts that Work!

Spring is here (for the most part) and many of us are training with renewed energy, having a focus on new fitness goals or upcoming sports events. I’m inspired to help you reach a peak performance, and to do that by using workouts that work…for YOU! The traits of peak performers and the parameters of effective workouts have been recent…