Appreciating Your Body Type

Do you have your training totally dialed in for your unique body and your specific goals? Are you feeling, looking, and performing at your absolute best? If so, please don’t read any further. In fact, if you answered yes to the last two questions, reach out to me so that I can learn from you. But if you are like the rest of us, read on and find out how you can align your workouts to match YOU just a little better.

While as a species all humans are quite similar, every one of us is also unique. Your special snowflake status is your somatotype. It’s a fancy term for body type and it’s been used and abused for decades. The intelligent and non-condemning use of body type assessment is one of the keys to achieving peak performance and maintaining it through the lifespan.
As a prelude to my new book AnimalFIT, which will premiere in a few weeks, PK & I discussed An Introduction to Somatotypes in a recent episode of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast. Give it a listen if you want more information on this fascinating topic. And have an amazing day as well!

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