How to Look Younger Than Your Age!

Or…to add to the title, today’s topic is not only to look younger than the number on your driver’s license — but to feel and perform that way as well. Our goal is (or should be) to make our physiological age a lower number than our chronological age.

It all comes down to one key point. Youthful vitality is exemplified by elasticity. Sure, we’ve gotta have strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance. Those are the big 5 components of athletic performance. But when we put it all together to have elasticity…well, that’s the ultimate. Here are some ways you can think of elasticity:

  • Elastic movement patterns that manage force, space, and gravity.
  • Elastic abilities to rebound from stress, injuries, accidents…LIFE.
  • Elastic, plaque-resistant blood vessels.
  • Elastic, dementia-resistant neurons.
  • Elastic, buoyant attitudes and moods.

Not quite sold on this concept yet? Wondering how you can become more elastic? Wanna know what to do in your training to develop and maintain your elasticity? Wait for it…the answer might surprise you. Jumping and sprinting. Or, said in fancier terms, training that utilizes maximum velocity and plyometrics. I’ve got two resources that can help you.

Training a Lifetime Athlete. This is a brief video that features my friend and client Paul, who is a shining 70-year-old example of elasticity. Watching this video kinda answers every question you have while at the same time it shoots down every excuse you can come up with (regarding why you can’t or don’t jump or sprint). 

Physiologic Age Versus Chronologic Age. In this episode of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK & I discuss some of the finer points of training for youthfulness.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find these resources valuable in your quest to become a Hard to Kill Lifetime Athlete!

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