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Christmas Elk Chorizo!

By popular demand, from multiple community requests – as well as my own passion project – I bring you Christmas Elk Chorizo! Yep, it’s that time of year again when I make sausage and jerky, and it varies from year to year what products get produced.  All that depends on which animals got harvested, and what I’m feeling like creating.…

The Antelope Hunt Recap!

Episode 261 of the Podcast features The Antelope Hunt Recap! If you’d like to hear the story of my recent outing, including the preparation, the journey, and the field to table experience…give it a listen!

The Field to Table Journey

Spring is upon us and I’m filled with newfound energy and reflections on the process of renewal. In reality, late March really feels like the “first of the year” to me more than does January 1. Sometimes our societal constructs and the natural world don’t always coincide perfectly.  PK & I recently had a discussion on the Podcast about kickstarting…