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Determining YOUR Athletic Baseline

Your athletic baseline is the level of conditioning around which you oscillate over the course of time. You can think of this in terms of seasons, years, decades, and more.  It’s obviously something that is both variable and dynamic. The athletic baseline varies a bit from person to person and it also dynamically vacillates within the individual over the lifespan. …

Training Through the Lifespan

Maintaining peak performance capacity for life is easier said than done. But there are a few secrets to being an athlete for life. Kicking ass for life requires careful consideration and artful application. It comes down to two things: Finessing Workload and Recovery Leveraging Your Strengths and Weaknesses We’ve talked about workload quite a bit here at TLA. Workload is…

Ep136 – Lifelong Training…Navigating the Lifespan as an Athlete!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep136 - Lifelong Training...Navigating the Lifespan as an Athlete!

The title says it all. The way I see it…you need to do two things. First, be the best athletic version of yourself you can be at whatever point you are in life. If you are 16 or 66, there’s a way to go about your athletic goals that will get you the greatest results. Second, remain athletic through your…