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Ep215 – From Cancer Patient to Triathlon Medalist…John Bozzella!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep215 - From Cancer Patient to Triathlon Medalist...John Bozzella!

This is a fantastic episode and an amazing story. John Bozzella joins me today to discuss his journey in 2021. After a diagnosis of prostate cancer, surgery, and recovery…John trained himself into top shape, not just meeting his goals but exceeding them. His is an inspirational tale for Lifetime Athletes at every level. I know you will thoroughly enjoy visiting…

The WISE System

The Workload Impact Systemic Evaluation System [This document is a guide for clients on how to use the WISE™ System. It is an excerpt from my upcoming book on training for peak performance through the lifespan.] The WISE system is how we get wise about training. It is based upon the simplification of the training parameters of intensity, duration, workload,…

IronMan Finish

Peak Performance Coaching and Training…the Path to Success!

Crushing an athletic goal is a great accomplishment and there are many potential roads to victory. And having a coach is a proven way to ensure your success.  Coaching is all about the relationship. It’s not just training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, race tactics, and equipment. It’s relating to another person with respect, supporting his/her aspirations and realities, and ultimately artistically…