Peak Performance Coaching and Training…the Path to Success!

Crushing an athletic goal is a great accomplishment and there are many potential roads to victory. And having a coach is a proven way to ensure your success. 

Coaching is all about the relationship. It’s not just training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, race tactics, and equipment. It’s relating to another person with respect, supporting his/her aspirations and realities, and ultimately artistically facilitating optimal outcomes. 

I always try to keep those things in mind when I coach folks toward health or sports goals. It’s important to listen a lot, ask some, and tell a little. Matching up training plans with objectives and unique bodies is one part of the coaching relationship. But equally important is the need for a coach to understand clients, meet them “where they are” and guide them toward where they want to be efficiently and effectively.

My coaching services at TLB have been in the spotlight recently on the podcast. PK & I discussed the art and science of coaching and how those services get delivered at TLB. It was fun to explain how coaching exists under the TLB service umbrella.

But the real highlight for me has been the chance to profile some amazing clients and the outstanding outcomes they have recently achieved. In the show with PK, I had the opportunity to share how a client finally overcame frustration and stalled progress, getting real results in health and weight loss. And in the latest episode, it was a great honor for me to visit with a client who crushed his first IronMan triathlon

This is great stuff. It’s a privilege for me to interact with great people and play even a small role in their journey. Coaching is often a challenge and great responsibility, but it is also a magnificently rewarding experience. Whether you work with me or any other coach, I encourage you to take advantage of everything that coaching has to offer.

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