The Evolution of Technology in Physical Therapy

Technology is evolving in all parts of our daily existence. In most cases, this progress represents a positive in terms of the efficiency and effectiveness with which we go about our lives. 

The delivery of physical therapy services is rapidly expanding to include telePT, or what is known as telehealth physical therapy. In most states we now have the ability to provide PT services across video conference platforms. This is being proven by both research and patient/provider experience to increase access and affordability to PT.

The goal with telePT is not to replace hands-on, brick-and-mortar clinical services, as these will always be indicated for most acute and postoperative conditions. However, telePT is a great fit for solving chronic injury problems in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Early adopters, on both the patient and provider side, are using telePT to achieve outstanding results. 

Want to learn more about telePT and see if it might be right for your needs? Check out All About telePT and get the gist! Or listen to the pod for another perspective!

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