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Pronation, Foot Function, and Athletic Longevity

I think that title pretty much says it all. At least with respect to this week’s topic. May is Human Locomotion Month at The Lifetime Athlete and this week we are studying the motion of the foot and how it can be leveraged for peak performance and long term health. This week’s MasterClass took a deep dive into all things…

Athletic Foot Function

Ep126 – Pronation and Athletes

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep126 - Pronation and Athletes

Pronation is a natural and necessary component of foot function. It describes the composite triplanar motion of the foot as the calcaneus everts, the talus dorsiflexes, and the forefoot abducts. It is how our foot accommodates and conforms to the ground. The reverse of this motion is known as supination. If all that sounds complicated, you’ll definitely want to listen…