Understanding Gait Mechanics (the foot)

Understanding gait mechanics in the foot is a video I recently produced. This is a topic I’ve studied for nearly 40 years and it is very popular in my collegial consultations and my client coaching sessions. 

Getting a better grasp of how the foot works, or is designed to operate, can help anyone to more effectively appreciate movement, training, injury management, and performance. That’s saying a lot and I realize that, but it’s true. Your foot is the interface with the ground and that interaction is all-important in most aspects of exercise and athletic performance. 

The ability to absorb, divert, transfer, or create force for absorption or propulsion is what enables us to move like powerful, agile beasts. Foot function pairs with respiration and position. It sets up our movement potential, even in the upper body in most athletic circumstances. Developing a strong understanding of foot mechanics can really help you to select and perform exercise as well as stay healthy and highly functional.

This video highlights the basics of pronation and supination, and how they exist in the stance phase of gait. In future editions, I’ll be covering the interpretation of shoe wear, foot examination, and whole-body movement patterning. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic for your own performance, or just getting better results with your clients, give this vid a watch. Thanks as always and have a phenomenal day!

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