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Ep129 – Do Runners Need Orthotics?

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep129 - Do Runners Need Orthotics?

Do runners need orthotics? The answers are no, maybe, and it depends. Learn all about how athletic foot function relates to orthotics in this lively discussion. This podcast was brought to you by The Lifetime Athlete Coaching Services. Helping you to achieve peak athletic performance in any sport or fitness pursuit…fine tune your body composition to get lean, healthy, shredded,…

Running Shoe Selection 2020

This topic is an exciting one. The science of human biomechanics continues to advance and the footwear industry keeps evolving. I’ve been looking forward to this year’s update and wanted to share some observations and suggestions. Running shoe research and development drives much of the athletic, hiking, walking, and casual shoe markets. So, even if you don’t consider yourself a…

Foot Function and Running Shoe Selection

Spring is right around the corner in some parts of the country, and the change of seasons gets many folks thinking about reviving or revving up their running program. This often coincides with shopping for a new pair of running shoes. The title of this week’s article has the potential to be an immense topic, but I’m going to a…

Ep041 – Foot Function and Running Shoe Selection

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep041 - Foot Function and Running Shoe Selection

The human foot is an amazing example of architecture and mechanics. Understanding how our feet are designed to work, and facilitating that performance, can help to make our running more enjoyable. Application of proper foot function also increases both performance and orthopedic longevity. Utilizing footwear that encourages natural gait patterns, and progressing training intelligently, can restore the natural optimal function…

Running Shoes…Another Look

Running shoes can do a lot to enhance your running experience. Use this information to guide you in finding your perfect shoe and enjoy your running to the max!