2022 Running Shoe Update

I frequently find myself talking about running shoes. Each spring or summer I do a review, guide, or update on the topic. If you’d like to look at some of the prior resources, which include several articles, videos, and podcast episodes…just type “running shoes” into the search bar on the website. 

For this year, I had some inspirations and observations and I just recently spoke about them on The Lifetime Athlete Podcast. Here’s a short list of my musings:

  • Running is an accurate test of aerobic power if you use running as a regular training mode.
  • How the Training Tribe accomplishes reasonable running fitness without doing a lot of actual running. 
  • I recently set a LIFETIME PERSONAL RECORD. I just ran the slowest 1-mile time trial or race I’ve ever done in my life. Funny. Reality-filled. Motivating.
  • Shoe technology keeps changing, and usually for the better. However, R & D doesn’t always move in a direction that is optimal for your unique feet and gait patterns.
  • Midsole thickness should correlate with the type of terrain on which you run. The softer the surface, the thinner the midsole…and vice versa.
  • Heel-to-forefoot differential can make a significant difference in feel and function. Overly elevated heels can sometimes rob you of your natural elastic mechanics. But zero drop shoes can cause you to overwork in some circumstances. Find your Goldilocks spot.
  • Toe boxes should be roomy and ample for walking and jogging. But the faster you go, the more snug you want the forefoot fit. This is a key difference between not just walking and sprinting but also various speeds and paces of running. 

I’ve got a good stable of runners in my coaching lineup. Some stay for a long time. Some come and go quickly as they get what they need and move on and up. Maybe you want to take your running to the next level (or just figure out the whole shoe thang) and want to sign up for some coaching?!

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