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May 2023 Community Query

How ya doin’? I hope the answer is great, fantastic, or sensational! I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to engage with so many of you in a variety of manners. In this post I want to pose a few questions and inquire how I can possibly inspire, educate, or entertain you in an ever-improving way. Because I value you as a…

Ep282 – AnimalFIT…Embracing YOUR Inner Animal!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep282 - AnimalFIT...Embracing YOUR Inner Animal!

This episode in the AnimalFIT series is all about embracing YOUR inner animal. Now that we’ve gone through all the skeletal, joint, muscle, and movement assessments, it’s time to discover your actual body type. Your inner animal. This is only the beginning in learning about yourself and 10xing your health, performance, and longevity! This podcast was brought to you by…

Ep281 – AnimalFIT…Learning How YOUR Muscles Function!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep281 - AnimalFIT...Learning How YOUR Muscles Function!

The title says it all. In this episode we discuss how you can use the AnimalFIT system to learn how YOUR muscles function. How you run, jump, and throw is tied to your genetics…your inner beast. Understanding mechanical considerations and movement problem-solving strategies which exist uniquely in your beastly body is powerful self-knowledge. We are on our way to compiling…

T2 Programming 2022-12-12…Party Time!!

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T2 Programming 2022-10-03

Hi There! The content contained here is exclusively for members of the Training Tribe. To gain access and take your training to the next level, join T2 here.

(R)Evolutionary Training Principles!

I thought the title sounded interesting. Honestly, I’m not sure there is anything I’ve got to say about training that is actually revolutionary…but maybe. Today’s commentary is going to focus on the word evolution as it pertains to training. Evolution in the field of biomechanics. Evolution in my own thinking and programming. Evolution in all of our athletic bodies. Possibly…

Your Mileage May Vary!

Your mileage may vary. So will mine. That’s an interesting statement with which we are all familiar. Those automobile ads making such proclamations are so common, but it’s also helpful to think about the mileage we get out of our bodies. I’m going to talk about mileage and the human body in two specific ways today. In a very general…

2022 Running Shoe Update

I frequently find myself talking about running shoes. Each spring or summer I do a review, guide, or update on the topic. If you’d like to look at some of the prior resources, which include several articles, videos, and podcast episodes…just type “running shoes” into the search bar on the website.  For this year, I had some inspirations and observations…

What’s New for 2022?!

2021 is DONE. 2022 is NEW! I hope you had a great holiday and are getting started with an amazing New Year! This is a summary of what’s going on at The Lifetime Athlete. I’ll highlight a mix of topics going from the year that was to the year I hope it will be. The Blog: After a decade as…