May 2023 Community Query

How ya doin’? I hope the answer is great, fantastic, or sensational! I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to engage with so many of you in a variety of manners. In this post I want to pose a few questions and inquire how I can possibly inspire, educate, or entertain you in an ever-improving way.

Because I value you as a member of The Lifetime Athlete Community, I’ve got 3 questions to ask you. I’ll present those queries and if you have just a minute, reach out to me and offer your feedback. I really appreciate it. Here we go!

  1. What topic or subjects would you like to see covered (or in more and greater detail) in the future?
  2. As a Lifetime Athlete, what is your one greatest and most specific goal right now, in anything from performance to health?
  3. What is your preferred way engage with me so you can access the information which best relates to your interests (this blog, YouTube, TLA Podcast, Instagram)?

Fit for the Field is kicking off in grand fashion. The Ultimate Conditioning System for the Backcountry Hunter is getting into pre-season mode. A lot of folks who are targeting a late August fitness peak are already signed up and hammering. Others with later trips and goal dates will be getting on board pretty quickly. The time is now to get in shape and have your best season ever.

The athletes in FftF who are just getting started are working on some familiarization with the exercises, movement patterns, and workout sequencing. They’re doing backpack interval training, periodized progressions in strength, power, and endurance, along with enhancing overall agility and movement competency. This is purpose-driven programming built on scientific analysis of the backcountry hunting athlete. All designed to increase durability, effectiveness, and enjoyment with two unique perspectives. I used my decades of experience in human performance and hunting to give FftF scalability and injury prevention properties. It’s scalable so that any level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and age (teens to 70’s and we’ve got all those ages covered in our program) can adjust the system for their own best results. And FftF contains extensive education and programming so every participant can avoid getting crushed. They can even work around their own unique history or issues as needed.

FftF participants also receive email coaching from me. I’ve been working with a bunch of athletic hunters in guiding them toward greater success. If you’re in the program, and I haven’t heard from you yet, by all means reach out to me with any questions you might have.

The Training Tribe is diving into the Power Block. T2 is our year-round, nationwide, online group fitness and health program based on an Annual Training Plan that uses a block-periodized system. Tribesters meld performance with longevity as they balance strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance. It’s the most comprehensive fitness and long term athletic development (LTAD) model available for people who want to play the long game in life. We’ve got fitness enthusiasts, recreational athletes, and high-performing humans from all walks of life in T2.

That Power Block has some unique characteristics. We’re getting outside for a couple of the sessions each week and complementing that with some gym workouts. We are approaching power from both an anaerobic and aerobic basis. AMRAP’s, sled pushes, drag rig pulls, and intervals with varying work-to-rest ratios are just some of the highlights. Dealing with lactic acid metabolism is always exciting!

I hear from the Tribe members frequently through our daily emails, T2 Forum, and online MasterClass meetings. I have a request for a specific new t-shirt design from one member that I’m working on currently, but mainly I get asked about how to work around an old injury or what to do when taking the training system on the road. I learn a lot from these interactions and I want to encourage you to keep the feedback coming.

I get to have the most contact with my 1-on-1 coaching clients. We are usually calling, texting, and emailing every day. Most of them use Training Peaks to house their training plans and workout data. Because those relationships are so rich and positive, we get the opportunity to dive deep, solve problems, and create outstanding success. Each athlete is different and awesome in their own way. They make me better. I’ve learned to be a better coach, listener, observer through the genuine privilege of being a part of each person’s journey. 

The Lifetime Athlete YouTube Channel features the video support for the Tribe’s member program content, as well as an assortment of health and performance topics. Most of it has been directed over the years to our team members, with the addition of some deeper science in biomechanics, physiology, injury management, and nutrition. A lot of that has appealed to colleagues in PT, coaching, training, and healthcare. I’ve got a number of topics that will be getting my attention this summer, but I’m always happy to take requests.

Some folks still prefer the written word, and this blog gets its wings from them (YOU)🙂. I’ve always liked writing. I find it uniquely therapeutic. Sitting here and typing right now taps into a cognitive flow that has always been good for me. If you are a reader of anything I’ve written over the years, thank you. I’m honored by that and it’s a privilege to make a connection with this practically ancient tradition. There are certain types of content that just do best with sentences and paragraphs, even in our very modern world.

My biggest contact point with the world is The Lifetime Athlete Podcast. Coming up on 300 episodes, it’s really been a passion project for me. When I got started with the pod, I knew I had some things I wanted to say. People to engage with. Concepts to explore. That’s still going strong today…maybe even more so as I’ve become very clear in the message and voice I want the podcast to have. The crossroads of performance and longevity. Using the latest science and professional methods. Living a life of productivity and joy. Becoming and remaining Hard to Kill – on the playing field – and in the game of LIFE! 

Instagram is my favorite social media platform. @thelifetimeathlete is where you’ll find me and I tend to post on 3 areas: training and athletic performance, nature, and food. Stuff I’m passionate about. 

So that’s what I’m up to and no matter how you are finding and engaging with me, THANK YOU! If you are inclined to touch base with me and answer those questions I posed at the beginning, you can DM me on Instagram, or CONTACT me via email anytime. I can’t wait to hear from you and further shape things here at TLA. Cheers!

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