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Questions About Cardio

Greetings Readers! I hope you are having a great Autumn and a safe Halloween. This is a short post to share with you some information about cardio training, or aerobic exercise.  In Episode 154 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK & I recently had the opportunity to address some audience questions about cardio training. These occur frequently and it’s really…

Ep107 – Ruth Kack…Perspectives on Health, Fitness, and LIFE!

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep107 - Ruth Kack...Perspectives on Health, Fitness, and LIFE!

I recently had the extreme pleasure of visiting with my friend and colleague Ruth Kack. A Lifetime Athlete and group fitness instructor — and an amazingly positive and energetic person — Ruth shared many of her perspectives on wellness, exercise, women’s health, and more. Ruth offered up many pearls of peak performance wisdom, mixed in with her witty sense of…

Make This Your Greatest Summer of Fitness Ever!

Greetings everyone, and happy summer to you! Yes, finally…it’s now official — summer is here! And with this warm and sunny season (hopefully), we usually feel inspired to get outside and move more, doing all sorts of activities and exercises that are supported by the pleasant weather. This short post is just a bit of a “Rah Rah!” I’m going…

Ep048 – Is Your Workout Working for You?

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Ep048 - Is Your Workout Working for You?

Making your workout work for you can 10x your results in health, fitness, and athletics. In this episode, we discuss how to analyze the specific demands of a goal or sport, and then to match your training up in awesome fashion. Learn more about your specific body type, and leverage that knowledge to exploit your strengths and shore up your…

Ep047 – Are You Achieving Your Peak Performance?

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Ep047 - Are You Achieving Your Peak Performance?

Getting the most out of your training, maximizing your health, and achieving peak performance are worthy but challenging goals. In this episode, I review a recent conversation I had with several colleagues in the physical therapy and athletic preparation fields. We discuss some of the key traits of peak performers and offer some suggestions to help you get more out…

Is Your Diet Working for You? (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the dietary experiment discussion. As you’ll recall from Part 1, my intention was to raise the question of individual dietary optimization, to report on some of my personal culinary explorations, and to encourage you to consider your own diet’s impact on your health and performance. That last edition has some stories of my eating evolution,…

Ep042 – Kevin Davis…Hunting and Running for Life!

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Ep042 - Kevin Davis...Hunting and Running for Life!

Today, in this People with Perspectives show, I had the great pleasure of visiting with athlete, hunter, and renaissance man Kevin Davis. Profiled in Montana filmmaker Erik Petersen’s A Few Steps Further, Kevin provides many valuable insights on a life well-lived. In our conversation, we discuss Kevin’s athletic journey from all-around sports competitor, to rugby player, to ultramarathon runner. We…

Coaching and Training Secrets…Edition 1 of 10,000!

Coaching and Training Secrets – Edition #1 of 10,000 Ok…maybe there won’t be 10,000 of these posts, but there is lot of material in this category for sure. I really enjoy working with clients in pursuit of their health and performance goals, and there are a lot of strategies and tools we utilize to get results. In this week’s podcast,…

Kick Ass for Life!

Kicking Ass is a term that each of us can relate to in one fashion or another. In Lifetime Body terminology, it is not just the act of getting things done —  it is the reality of efficiently and effectively achieving high levels of outcomes across every category in which you participate in life. Some would say you are “crushing…

Ep034 – Kick Ass for Life!

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Ep034 - Kick Ass for Life!

Kicking ass for life means kicking ass in life and at life. It’s the pursuit and attainment of ultimate wellness, peak performance, and maximum longevity. It’s kicking the ass of adversity, self-doubt, and negativity. What everyone really wants, and truly deserves in this life is to do our best with accomplishments and contributions. This show talks about the basics of…