AnimalFit is Uncaged!

The new Lifetime Body Program/ebook: AnimalFit, has just been released! These are exciting times, because now you can use the AnimalFit system to Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential!


AnimalFit is my 4th book to date and it’s not just the product of my 35 years of work and study in the field of human performance. It’s the ANSWER to fitness and training success. It’s the solution for anyone who has struggled to get the results they always thought possible but couldn’t quite attain. Whether that’s trying to get on the podium or hit a personal best performance, or just find a way of exercising that doesn’t hurt, isn’t boring, and that you can stick with easily, that’s the answer AnimalFit contains.


I know, I know…that’s big talk. How do I back that up? AnimalFit uses a scientific foundation to help you identify your physical traits and gifts, and then it shows you how to make sense of it all and design your own, best-fitting workouts and training programs. And you don’t just make peace with your unique body, you CELEBRATE it and learn how to train it for optimal results.


AnimalFit helps you to discover your inner animal. What size skeletal frame do you have? How stable or mobile are your joints? Do you have more fast-twitch or slow-twitch muscles? What time of day is best for YOU to train? How are you wired and how do you fire? What workouts actually WORK for your body? How can you make your training fit your personality and create more of a flow state? All this and more is answered in an easy, step-by-step process that is fun, playful, and enlightening. Filled with informative text, illustrative graphics, and entertaining videos, AnimalFit will change your whole perspective on how to exercise and train for success.


AnimalFit is available as a downloadable PDF, exclusively at and it’s just in time for Christmas. Get your copy today or give one to someone you care about. Let’s take your training and results higher. No, let’s actually Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential!


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