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AnimalFit is Uncaged!

The new Lifetime Body Program/ebook: AnimalFit, has just been released! These are exciting times, because now you can use the AnimalFit system to Unleash Your Inner Beast and Unlock Your Athletic Potential!   AnimalFit is my 4th book to date and it’s not just the product of my 35 years of work and study in the field of human performance.…

Ep024 – AnimalFit is Soon to be Released into the Wild!

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep024 - AnimalFit is Soon to be Released into the Wild!

The first of the Lifetime Programs…AnimalFit is about to be released. AnimalFit is an ebook how-to guide that will help you take your training to the highest level. By unleashing your inner beast and unlocking your athletic potential, you celebrate your inner animal and make your fitness program FIT YOU! AnimalFit goes live, and WILD, on Tuesday, December 18th!

Ep018 – Mail Bag…Questions About Master’s Athletics

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep018 - Mail Bag...Questions About Master's Athletics

In this exciting episode, PK and I answer some awesome listener questions. Marty from San Diego queries us about a number of approaches that can help mature athletes to succeed in performance while not compromising health or participation in other aspects of life. We get into the topics of workout parameters like frequency, duration, volume, and intensity and how they…

The UPhill ShowDOWN

Training for and racing in an uphill race is a unique challenge. See how we did it!

Running Shoes…Another Look

Running shoes can do a lot to enhance your running experience. Use this information to guide you in finding your perfect shoe and enjoy your running to the max!