AnimalFit is Soon to be Released into the Wild!

A Lifetime Body Program…AnimalFit, is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018. AnimalFit is a downloadable PDF ebook which is a how-to guide for 10x-ing your training. Rich with informative text, illustrative graphics, and supportive videos, AnimalFit takes you step-by-step through a science-based, proprietary system of self-analysis and exercise program design. You’ll identify your inner animal, embrace that beast, and use your newfound knowledge to get the most out of your health, fitness, and athletic pursuits. This really is a gamechanger in how exercise prescription and program design should be done. Take your game to the next level and get your copy next week when it debuts. More info to follow, here on the blog as well as on the podcast and YouTube Channel.

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