Make This Your Greatest Summer of Fitness Ever!

Greetings everyone, and happy summer to you! Yes, finally…it’s now official — summer is here! And with this warm and sunny season (hopefully), we usually feel inspired to get outside and move more, doing all sorts of activities and exercises that are supported by the pleasant weather.

This short post is just a bit of a “Rah Rah!” I’m going to pontificate briefly on the topic of summer exercise. The mission of this little missive is to encourage you to get the most out of your summer training. And, of course, remember that at TLB, everyone is an athlete (or can and should be), and athletes don’t just train for health and fitness, they train for peak performance.

Training in the summer can take on many forms, but the one which I like to recommend the most, is outdoor group training. Getting together with some peeps that you dig, and feeling the vibe of the tribe, is a proven upregulator in hormone balance, conditioning, and fun. It’s also a fantastic way to take advantage of the benefits of sunshine, oxygen, and the grounding benefits of the earth. It’s really not a “two-fer”, it’s a “ten-fer!”

We’re just finishing up with Session 1 of The Lifetime Body’s Training Tribe (T2), and this first go-round was SPEED CAMP. It’s been great to see the participants improve their sprinting and jumping mechanics, and really gain an appreciation for the restoration of maximal efficiency in the human body. We’ve seen breakthroughs in running form, lifting technique, and the understanding of personalized training. Wellness, body composition, and performance are also on the upswing.

Our next iteration of Training Tribe, Session 2, is DURABEAST. This is pretty much what it sounds like — a comprehensive conditioning club that works on strength, endurance, mobility, agility, and all around durability. Becoming better beasts in a fun, supportive environment is what it’s all about. This session uses parks, playgrounds, tracks, mountains, and icy streams to totally upregulate human functionality. It’s like fitness happens without even thinking about it, such is the overwhelming presence of joy and fellowship.

The message here is that, however you do it, do your best to take some or most of your exercise outside this summer, and do at least some of it with your friends and family. If you are a loco local, consider joining T2 or some other great program, many of which exist in our community. But wherever you are, take it out, and take it up a notch. Tis the season!

Over the past week, the podcast has been featuring some training tips for summer, as well as an evidence-based breakdown on the application of stretching in training. Check out those episodes, or others, if you’d like some resources that can help you get more out of your workouts. I hope each and every one of you has an utterly phenomenal summer of training. I know I will!

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