Get Fit for the Field!

Let’s say you like to get outdoors and do your thing, whatever that may be. Perhaps you consider yourself a mountain athlete…who runs, bikes, climbs and skis in the backcountry. Or maybe you are an avid hunter who pursues game in the hinterlands. You’re a backpacker, a fisherman, or someone who likes to hike to the top of the local hill at sunrise to do your yoga practice. Whatever the case may be, I’ve got something special for you.

The latest Lifetime Body Program — Fit for the Field — has just been released! This program is a comprehensive training system that will build you into a superbly conditioned, versatile, and extremely durable performer. Fitness for the field is not just ultimate training for the hunting athlete…it’s based in ancestral fitness and it will make any human into a highly functional beast!

Humans evolved as hunter-gatherers, and many of you still cherish and practice the art of getting your groceries from nature. You are deeply spiritual about animals, the natural world, and the pursuit of game in the ancient tradition. You are an athletic human beast, a warrior, and a hunter. And now you have a training program specifically designed to train you for your best season ever. Fitness for the Field is an intermediate-to-advanced training program that is based on the biomechanical analysis of the demands of the hunter, the original and ultimate outdoor athlete. It utilizes advanced concepts in exercise physiology, physical therapy, and athletic preparation to hone your primal nature as a survivor and a provider.

Wanna take your training to the next level? Need to get into rock-solid shape so that you can crush it out there? Get Fit for the Field. For more information, check out this week’s podcast or take a look at the Welcome to Fit for the Field video.

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