Questions About Cardio

Greetings Readers! I hope you are having a great Autumn and a safe Halloween. This is a short post to share with you some information about cardio training, or aerobic exercise. 

In Episode 154 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK & I recently had the opportunity to address some audience questions about cardio training. These occur frequently and it’s really an interesting and important topic.

Aerobic exercise can be performed in steady state, or interval/repeat fashion. We focused primarily on low intensity steady-state training (LIST) in our discussion. Training to improve and maintain cardiorespiratory fitness, endurance, oxygen utilization, and fatigue resistance are all in the wheelhouse of cardio. 

Here are a few of the questions we tackled:

  • Will cardio hurt my gains?
  • Can too much cardio cause heart problems?
  • Are jogging and other repetitive movements bad for my joints?
  • Is there a sweet spot for the ideal amount of cardio?
  • Are some people more suited to doing lots of cardio than others?
  • Why is grinding and burning through “sweat-bucket” cardio workouts ineffective for fat loss?
  • What role does cardio play in hormonal balance and metabolic regulation?
  • Why do we need to be careful about copying the patterns of elite endurance athletes?
  • How do you avoid chronic fatigue and improve your fitness?

All this and more. You can listen to the pod on the website or any of the popular media players. Enjoy, and good luck with your aerobic fitness pursuits.

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