Ep042 – Kevin Davis…Hunting and Running for Life!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep042 - Kevin Davis...Hunting and Running for Life!

Today, in this People with Perspectives show, I had the great pleasure of visiting with athlete, hunter, and renaissance man Kevin Davis. Profiled in Montana filmmaker Erik Petersen’s A Few Steps Further, Kevin provides many valuable insights on a life well-lived.

In our conversation, we discuss Kevin’s athletic journey from all-around sports competitor, to rugby player, to ultramarathon runner. We examine training, nutrition, the spiritual connection of hunting, and the need to access and preserve wild lands to nourish all our souls. Embracing challenge not only enriches the life journey, it is an essential part of our existence. Kevin shares how he embodies that principle by making every step count. Special thanks to Kevin for sharing so many life lessons and pearls of wellness wisdom. Enjoy!

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