Ep004 – The Ancestral Health Symposium

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep004 - The Ancestral Health Symposium

In this episode PK and I spend a little time discussing some pearls of wellness wisdom that I took from my recent attendance of the 2018 Ancestral Health Symposium. This is an annual wellness conference coordinated by The Ancestral Health Society, with a mission of bringing together a variety of thought leaders in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition, medicine, and longevity. With an emphasis on connecting ancestral wisdom with modern science, and geared toward academics and practitioners, the symposium brought many world-renowned presenters together.

There were some powerful messages in the conference and we discuss a few of them in this show. We specifically get into the topics of evolutionary mismatch, the necessity of movement, the power of food, the amazing pace of current research, and legitimate concerns we all should have regarding industry involvement in our food supply.

For more information about the Society, the Symposium, and the speakers, check out The Ancestral Health Society and get lots of great information.

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