The Lifetime Body Podcast!

Greetings, AWESOME ONES! I’ve got fantastic news and in this short post I’ll tell you all about my latest endeavor…The Lifetime Body Podcast!


It all comes down to this simple fact: we are all unique in how we prefer to learn and be entertained. Some of us enjoy a few pages of good READING, and that’s the niche this blog tries to fill. Others really like to SEE their content, and that’s what the Lifetime Body YouTube Channel is all about. But many folks, just like me, dig LISTENING to an engaging conversation on an interesting topic.


And that’s where the Podcast comes in. It’s a weekly radio show on all things health, fitness, and beyond. My co-host PK and I will break down the science of Ultimate Wellness, and provide those actionable tips, which we call Pearls of Wellness Wisdom, in each and every episode. In a world where there are 5 million YouTube content providers and 500,000 podcasts (that’s a fact), we have positioned our material in a unique middle ground, where science meets common sense.


You can access the Podcast through the player on the website under the menu item “Podcast” (imagine that!), on iTunes, or on Stitcher. I hope you subscribe to the program and enjoy the information we provide. Our goal, as always, is to help you to look, feel, and perform your best and to Make Your Body Last a Lifetime!

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