Project JACKED (the book) is Here!

Today is the official release of my 3rd book, Project JACKED, and as you can imagine, I’m excited to share it with you.


As many of you are aware, one of my interests is performing and writing about “science projects” in health, fitness, performance, and longevity. Some of my projects are larger than others and a few of them have turned into books (Project Full Circle Squared and Project 9.10.17). My largest project to date, Project JACKED, was conceived late last year and with the book just being published, has matured beyond even my expectations.


Project JACKED is not just a book, it’s a comprehensive weight loss, health enhancement, fitness, and metabolic reset program. And the Project was really 3 things blended together. First, it’s a science-driven system for training, nutrition, and lifestyle; all spelled out with specific steps to follow for each of the program’s 4 months. Second, the Project was a “citizen-science” piece of research that allowed me to test the system and study its effects on an intervention group compared to a control group. A significant amount of data was collected and reported on in the book. And third, JACKED is a real-life, real-world story about the participants in the study, their trials (just a few) and triumphs (many), and a look into how people can succeed with sustainable behavior change inn wellness.


My objective with the book was to assemble the most cutting-edge methods in health and fitness into a system that could help many people with not just their bodyweight goals, but their complete function and life. I think I succeeded with that task and I’m pleased with the finished product. I also wanted to try hard to make this book a bit unique amidst a sea of similar tomes. The heart of the story, in which the reader joins in and follows along with all the participants, gives the book a true human connection. It’s not just a “Here, do this and you’ll be awesome!” type of book. Instead, it’s “Hey, here are a general set of principles that are evidence-based, but this is how you can modify them to best fit YOU, and here is precisely how this went for 19 other people.”


If you’d like to get a feel for the book, there is a brief video on The Lifetime Body YouTube Channel. And if you’d like a little more info, PK and I just published a Podcast that gives you a little deeper perspective on all things JACKED. The book is available exclusively on Amazon and I’d be thrilled if you picked up a copy, gave it a read, and maybe even put up a review. Project JACKED is definitely helping me with my mission of reaching more and more folks with the messages of Ultimate Wellness. It’s a great resource for almost anyone who just wants to look, feel, and perform their best, and particularly those who have been frustrated in the past by ineffective one-size-fits-all programs.


Much of what we do in this life depends on the support and assistance of others. That was definitely the case with JACKED. It simply wouldn’t have happened without the encouragement of many, and especially the participation of all the study subjects. They were the ultimate beta testers and I’m forever grateful for their allowing us all to learn from their journey. If you are in the Bozeman area on Tuesday, August 21st, there will be a Project JACKED reception event at Yellowstone Bank from 6:30-7:30pm. I’ll be giving a brief presentation on insights from the book and opening up what I think will be a stimulating discussion on health, fitness and longevity. I’ll even sign your book if you bring it along. Refreshments will be provided.


Thanks for reading. I hope you are keeping it JACKED!

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