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Travel and Training Revisited

I was recently doing a bit of traveling. As is often the case, I found myself pondering and reflecting on the human experience, at least my version of it. I don’t travel as much as I used to. I know that’s true for many of us, and for a variety of reasons. A number of friends, colleagues, and family members…

Summer Solstice Training Suggestions

The glory of summer is upon us as we greet the solstice and enjoy the warm, sun-filled days. I’m sure you are psyched to get the most out of your favorite activities and sports. Doing so can be made even more effective and enjoyable when you know your inner beast and how to best train it. Whether you run, play…

Ep123 – Technique Tips for Training at Home

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep123 - Technique Tips for Training at Home

In these trying times when many of us are training at home, we sometimes have to be creative to keep things interesting, fun, and effective. When we apply the right amounts of science and creativity, we can make our home workouts awesome. In this episode of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK & I discuss some key points: Taking just a…