Ep123 – Technique Tips for Training at Home

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep123 - Technique Tips for Training at Home

In these trying times when many of us are training at home, we sometimes have to be creative to keep things interesting, fun, and effective. When we apply the right amounts of science and creativity, we can make our home workouts awesome. In this episode of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK & I discuss some key points:

  • Taking just a little time to reflect, plan, and prepare for your workouts can reap many benefits. You can adjust your programming based on how you responded to the last session, what is working for you, and what you either like best or currently have available.
  • Keep the element of PLAY alive in your training. Workouts can and should be fun. They are joyous celebrations of vital human beasts.
  • Work with and around (not through) your injuries or suboptimal movement patterns. Make your workout work for you. Get some professional help in physical therapy or movement analysis to enhance your gains.
  • Pulling and pushing exercises like pull-ups or push-ups can be made optimal by fine-tuning body position and setup.
  • Here are a few suggestions to help you get more out of your training, and to see that in video format: The Ultimate Sandbagger’s Workout will show you how to get a killer training session in a small space, with easy-to-make equipment, and The Backyard Workout Bonanza will give more creative training ideas.
  • Last and certainly not least…TLA MasterClasses are coming soon and more info will be available soon regarding the offerings for the month of May.

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