The 2017 Bozeman Ketogenic Performance Seminar

Howdy, and thanks so much all the great feedback and questions I’ve been receiving on Project Ninetenseventeen and my health consulting work. Turns out that the number one topic of late has been the subject of Nutritional Ketosis (NK). So I’ve decided to offer a free seminar that addresses all this interest in a fun, interactive session. And it also includes a free, keto-friendly lunch.


Who says there is no free lunch? In addition to getting some tasty tidbits upon which to nibble, you’ll delve into, and hopefully digest, all of the following:


What is NK?


What’s the difference between NK and ketoacidosis?


What are ketones?


Why is this the natural and preferred fueling method that humans have used for 2.5 million years?


How do our hormones regulate our metabolisms?


What are macronutrients and how do I track them?


How do I learn what foods I should eat?


How do I adjust my diet to restrict carbohydrates and increase healthy fats?


How much protein can I eat?


What is intermittent fasting?


How does NK help me with my sports performance, including endurance and strength sports?


Do I need to measure ketones and if so, how do I do that?


What are some safety concerns?


What about salt?


How can this help me with my health?


What does the research say and what are some good references?


How do I shop at the grocery store?


What are some good recipes?


How about snacks?


And more…!


Oh, did I mention this was FREE? Admission is free. Lunch is provided. There is no pitch at the end to sell you supplements. This is just a great opportunity to engage, share, and learn how to use nutritional ketosis as a tool in your lifetime body toolbox. However, PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. We need an accurate head-count and space is limited, so don’t miss out. Please contact Wendy Baker at Yellowstone Bank via email at or call 587-9900 by Tuesday, June 27th.


Where? The main conference room of Yellowstone Bank in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.


When: Thursday, June 29th. Arrival time: 11:45 a.m. Seminar runs from 12:00-1:30 p.m. No late arrivals, please.


See you there!

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