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I hope this post finds everyone enjoying a wonderful summer. Heat and forest-fire smoke notwithstanding, summer is a glorious and brief time in southwest Montana, and seizing every opportunity it presents is paramount. Big changes are on the horizon for my company, and for me, and I wanted to let you know about all the exciting happenings.


I’ll be closing my Bozeman office at the end of August 2017. I’m taking a sabbatical from clinical appointment-based work in order to dedicate full-time to my growing writing and consulting business. This transition has been a gradual one that I have been working diligently toward over the past two years. As much as I love working one-on-one and hands-on with my patients and clients, and those of you who know me would attest to that, I found that I just couldn’t quite wear so many professional “hats”. At least not to the level that allowed me to feel successful in delivering the highest amount of excellence that I craved and felt was needed in healthcare. As I got more and more into this big-picture, making the greatest difference, delivering the message of wellness “mission”, I have gotten pulled into concentrating on the written and spoken word as a powerful tool. After several decades of focused clinical work, I’ll miss many things, but I’m even more excited about my ongoing journey. I’ll briefly describe what I’m doing just so you know where you can find me.


The Lifetime Body, PLLC, will continue to be a health-enhancement company, but its emphasis will be to house wellness resources and to provide online access to my health, fitness, rehab, and lifestyle consultation services. I’ll continue to work in a limited capacity with my local fitness groups and clients, and also will now be able to devote more time in working with business and industry on employee wellness. Over the next year the TLB website will expand into a multi-media platform that will enable users to gain the all-powerful knowledge necessary to maximize health and longevity.


As for me, I’ve been focused on doing two things: writing, and presenting. The shape that has taken is that I should have 3, and possibly 4, completed books in the health and fitness category published this year. That’s been an amazing, challenging, and humbling process, but one which I would do over again in a heartbeat. Presenting, in several formats, has become my other passion and the growth in these opportunities is largely responsible for my recent changes. I’ve been teaching an online course through The Lifetime Body and now I’m also working with an online education provider developing a series of wellness classes. Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is being on a path that I’m distinctly driving, or if I’m floating along responding and reacting to what life throws at me. Probably a little of both.


I guess I’ve got just a few things to add. First, it’s my gratitude. I love what I do and I really appreciate all the great people, including you, that I’ve had the privilege to work with and will continue to do so in other capacities. Second, finding the intersection where dreams, passion, and ideas can meet market demands and business success is a fascinating journey into innovation, entrepreneurship, and dedication. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. The inspiration I feel is life-changing, and I want that feeling for everyone. I encourage you to do what you need to optimize your own journey.


This blog will continue, being a newsfeed on all things health and fitness. I really appreciate your subscription and readership. That stated, I’m also a huge proponent of inbox reduction and periodic digital detoxification, so if you’d rather follow me sporadically, I certainly understand. I think it’s very important to have a reliable source of wellness information, and there are many out there. Take for example the recent blowup over the controversial statement issued by the American Heart Association regarding coconut oil. Citing old and flawed research, they recommended against coconut oil consumption. Shame on them. Thought leaders flooded the media with appropriate addresses to that issue. I didn’t join in because I felt that others did that job superbly. But this is what we need to keep attending to, the seeking and delivering of the TRUTH about health and fitness. That’s what I’ll keep doing. Here’s to your health!

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  1. Audrey Wooding
    August 14, 2017 at 3:53 am

    Nice John! Thanks for the post Coach!

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