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My latest book, “Project 9.10.17: Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat”, is now available at Another in the “Project” series, this book delves into the latest science regarding the optimization of body composition. It tells the story of how I combined training, nutrition, and specific aspects of lifestyle to increase lean body mass while concurrently decreasing percent bodyfat.

This Project was conceived largely from the common goals that my clients typically bring to our work together. Many people have a desire to lose weight. Quite a few want to either preserve or increase their muscle mass. All want to accomplish these goals without detracting from their overall health, and most have the intention to actually become healthier in the process. So I decided to sort through all the information available and demonstrate how such a task could be undertaken as a case study.

I call the coexistence of muscle gain, fat loss, and health improvement Metabolic Multi-tasking and present this concept as the true challenge in any health enhancement program. Can we lose some fat, gain some mass and strength, and improve our health at the same time? The answer is indeed “yes” if we very carefully manipulate our metabolic function.

What kind of workouts best promote fat loss or strength gains? What should we eat, how much, when, and why? How do we shop for, prepare, and store food? What does the most recent literature say about these things?

Additionally, how do we know if we are getting healthier? What do we measure and monitor? How can we combine being objective with being instinctive? These and many more topics are explored in Project 9.10.17. I provide specific examples of workout routines and approaches to training. I describe in detail the principles of macronutrients, micronutrients, the anabolic state, and nutritional ketosis. This Project can provide a great starting point for your own health enhancement program.

As the journey of The Lifetime Body continues to evolve, I find myself becoming even more passionate about studying, testing, and writing and speaking about health, fitness, and wellness. The focus of The Projects is to provide a mix of fun, funny, and informative text on the practices that can truly make life better. I already have a new Project coming together for 2018, and I’m pleased to say that this time around I won’t have to be the test subject. I’ve garnered several participants and will be recruiting a few more  in the near future. I’ll fully explain this Project in an upcoming post.

I hope you enjoy reading Project 9.10.17. It’s way more than just another diet and exercise book. It’s a real-life story of how to make those things work for each of us as individuals. Stay tuned for more health info and book releases. And if you like these books, I’d sure appreciate your leaving a review on Amazon. Cheers!

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