How to Select the Right Coach

A coach can exponentially magnify your results in health and performance. But finding the right one, the best coach for YOU, requires some careful consideration.

This concept is true even if you coach yourself, since the manner in which you engage with your inner beast can make or break your outcomes. Of course, there are some situations where “you don’t get to pick” your coach such as in a large program. But when you are a recreational athlete or fitness enthusiast looking to find that special someone who can help you crush your goals, choosing the right coach is critical for your success.

I recently had the opportunity to give this topic great consideration. Coaching is my business at The Lifetime Athlete. I provide 1-on-1 health and performance coaching in athletics, body composition, and injury solutions. I put a lot of information up front on the website to help potential clients gain a greater understanding of those services and also to allow them to vet me somewhat extensively. However, sometimes folks need to discuss the potential fit of my offerings and their goals a bit more deeply. Just a few days ago, Mike had set up a consultation to do just that. 

Mike and I had a great conversation in which he essentially interviewed me for the job. I found this experience to be very enlightening because it solidified my opinion that all of us need a best-fitting scenario in a coaching relationship. I’ve become very comfortable with who I am, what I can and can’t do or be, and with whom I can do my best work. This is really important because obtaining the greatest results from a coaching relationship is heavily dependent upon the chemistry of the interaction. 

In episode 167 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK and I discuss the conversation I had with Mike. We expose some key points of coaching relationships, how I do it at TLA, and we offer some tips for listeners in selecting their ideal coach. In the end, it’s all about value added to the life experience via meaningful collaborations that get fantastic results. It’s what each and every one of us deserves.

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