Ep205 – Hunter Performance Part 2…Gear Tips for Backcountry Hunters

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep205 - Hunter Performance Part 2...Gear Tips for Backcountry Hunters

One of the great things about being a modern backcountry hunter is all the cool gear we have at our disposal. Of course, the outdoor experience itself is king, but quality gear can make you more safe, comfortable, and effective as a backcountry hunter. The athletic mountain hunter benefits greatly from the wise use of technology.

This episode is not going to be a “bag dump” or comprehensive list of equipment that I either use or recommend. Quite frankly, there are many resources available in article, podcast, or video format that come from experts way more experienced and knowledgeable than I. What I’m going to try to do is highlight some tips that I’ve found extremely useful as they relate to certain types of gear. I’ve learned many of these things through my years in the field but I’ve also acquired an equal number of them from wise friends and colleagues.

I’ve thought about a variety of circumstances and applications where performance and gear intersect to enhance the backcountry experience. In Part 1, I covered conditioning and it’s value. Now, let’s go through a partial list of how the use of good gear makes that conditioning even more effective. In no specific order I’ll put forth some of these aspects.

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