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Lunge and Split Squat Biomechanics

Need to get rid of pain? Want to level up your performance? Ever consider your lunge and split squat biomechanics? The lunge is one of the 7 major movement patterns we typically utilize in exercise program design. Along with hinge, squat, rotate, locomote, push and pull…the lunge is a mainstay in many training sessions.  In Episode 233 of The Lifetime…

Ep233 – The Amazing Lunge Pattern!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep233 - The Amazing Lunge Pattern!

The Amazing Lunge Pattern is indeed that. It’s a functional movement that serves well in both testing and training applications. In today’s episode, PK & I discuss some great points about the lunge, or split squat pattern. How it is representative of the gait pattern and can be used to isolate the early stance versus late stance stages. Clinical examples…