Lunge and Split Squat Biomechanics

Need to get rid of pain? Want to level up your performance? Ever consider your lunge and split squat biomechanics?

The lunge is one of the 7 major movement patterns we typically utilize in exercise program design. Along with hinge, squat, rotate, locomote, push and pull…the lunge is a mainstay in many training sessions. 

In Episode 233 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast, PK & I discussed “The Amazing Lunge Pattern.” Here are a few of the highlights.

  • The lunge is perhaps one of the most “functional” exercises available.
  • It’s an exaggerated representation of the stance phase of gait.
  • The lunge correlates well to early and late stages of that stance phase.
  • It allows easy understanding of triplanar mechanics.
  • The descent of the lunge pairs well with inhalation, expansion, yielding and eccentric orientation.
  • The ascent connects with exhalation, compression, overcoming, and concentric orientation.
  • The lunge pattern is a great test of movement competency.
  • It’s quite effective as a corrective exercise.
  • It’s extremely variable as a training tool.
  • There are a ton of pro tips and cues you can use to get more out of your lunge, your health, and your performance.

If you are interested in training like an athlete, becoming a Hard to Kill Beast, and not just schlepping through the motions of life…this pod might be worth a listen. Enjoy!

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