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Over the years I’ve listened to clients tell me what they were doing in pursuit of health and fitness and also what types of challenges they faced. It actually surprised me that a very common obstacle expressed by many was something I didn’t take too seriously at first…


It was SHOPPING! My mind was generally focused on teaching them how to do this or that exercise or workout, or eating less refined carbs, or improving their workstation setup, but many folks told me the problem they faced was shopping for health-enhancing products like exercise accessories, personal care products, and dry goods/foods. It probably sounds funny to you as well. But finally, I took their reports seriously and decided to help them solve their shopping problem.


First, I had to learn just what the problem was, and there were actually three of them: clients needed to know what to buy, where to find it, and how they were going to find time to make the purchase. As I began to research and understand the problem, I began to realize that a very frequently asked question (VFAQ) from my clients was the problem identified above. In fact, it was so common that many folks asked me to write them a list of items and instructions for acquisition, which I often did.


However, last year I realized that I could help clients solve their shopping problem more effectively by creating a resource for them. Thus, The Lifetime Body Shop page was born. Now I have what is almost a one-stop shop option for many of the great products we use in maximizing health, performance, and longevity. Here are a few things you might like to know about the shop page:


  • The page was a collaborative project between myself and a number of clients.
  • It’s not “spammy”, there is no clickbait or cookies, and there are no pop-ups.
  • Everything on the page has been used, tested, and verified by our group of client product evaluators.
  • The page is frequently updated. New products are added often and any product losing its high quality rating is removed from the page. They gotta make the cut.
  • Descriptions and recommendations are available for all products and the Amazon list has informative comments for every item.
  • Many of the participating merchants offer special discounts and deals when you shop through the page.
  • In full disclosure, some, but not all, of the merchants featured are affiliates that pay TLB a small commission when you shop through the page (adds no cost to your order).
  • The page allows you to let us do the research for you, and saves you both time and money.
  • Everybody wins, which is what TLB is all about.


I hope you enjoy using the Shop page, and thanks for helping me get this going! Also, if you have a product that you think is “page-worthy,” email me anytime at and I’ll look forward to hearing from you. In closing, here’s our new slogan…”shop, but not until you drop!”


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