Rants, Raves, and Rambles…Controversial Wellness Practices

This week on the video I highlighted some common wellness practices that “Git my Goat” and suggested we ask ourselves a few key questions when considering them. PK and I dove a bit deeper in the podcast. I think you’ll find this interesting.


  1. Is your wellness guru or health and fitness leader knowledgeable and reliable? Is he or she providing information that is adaptable to your unique needs and goals?
  2. Is your diet working for you? Does it have a name or label that makes you feel like you are part of a tribe or community? Are you still open to new ideas and respectful of the choices of others?
  3. Do you meditate? Or are you able to achieve meditative states doing any number of things, whether you actually call it meditation or not?
  4. How do you feel about morning routines? Do you believe they are essential to your success, productivity, health, and happiness? Do you think everyone should have the same routine?
  5. Do you value your sleep? How strongly do you feel about your bedtime and wakeup time? Do you think everyone is similar, or can there be variance?
  6. Do you use inexpensive candles, incense, or room fresheners? Have you considered an essential oil diffuser?


That’s it. Let’s call it food for thought. Happy Thanksgiving!


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