MasterClasses are Here!

As in TLA Health and Performance MasterClasses. That’s right, folks. 

In addition to my Online Physical Therapy and Coaching/Training Services, I’m thrilled to announce that MasterClass Season 1 is here. These sessions are interactive, small-group webinars on the topics that you, my peeps/fam/tribe of lifelong peak-performing beasts, have asked about the most. Season 1 is May/June 2020.

The theme for May is Human Locomotion. As many of us are ramping up our outdoor training, whether that is because summer is coming or for pandemic-related reasons, there is no better time to optimize your knowledge and proficiency with putting one foot in front of the other. Having fun, knowing how to progress your running, staying pain-free, and getting faster will be the major points of focus.

  • Make sense of pronation and understand your own foot function better.
  • Learn how to treat/solve plantar fasciitis and never get it again.
  • Figure out how to select the best running shoe for your gait and running style.
  • Unlock the secrets of speed...safely.

In June we will take a journey into Peak Performance Training and just what it means to train optimally. We’ll combine science and wisdom to create common-sense, actionable tools that can help you to crush your goals. Learn how to apply the same research-based stuff the pros use, but in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Personalizing your training to really create the best fit for your body and goals.
  • Making your workouts more effective by properly organizing and sequencing exercise.
  • Performing intelligent training that efficiently projects and interprets workload.
  • Become a master at training for peak performance at any point in your lifespan.

As a preview to Human Locomotion Month, the most recent episode of the podcast, #125, features a lively discussion around the question: “Are Humans Born to Run?” Without giving away all the finer points, I’ll share the two most important points below.

  • Humans are born to LOCOMOTE, and this includes walking, jogging/running, and sprinting. These are essential functions supported by evolutionary biology.
  • Those things are abilities more than they are daily practices (except for walking). How much jogging and sprinting one does beyond the bare minimum depends on body type and interests. 

And…if you want to leap back into the archives for more perspectives on human locomotion, take a look at the article “Are We Really Born to Run?” or “Could Ya, Should Ya, Would Ya…Run a Mile?”
Every season of the MasterClass series will feature deep dives into the artful and skillful practice of proven peak performance gamechangers. Season 1 classes will be on Wednesdays from noon-1:00pm. You can get more info about the classes here or just go ahead and register right now. Space is limited so that the experience is top-notch. Hope you can join me and stay Hard to Kill!

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