Tips for Training at Home

Depending upon your goals, conditioning level, and available equipment…training at home can be approached in many ways. It might feel limited, boring, and ineffective. But it doesn’t have to be — training at home can be diverse, fun, and successful. It just takes the right amount of creativity and scientific knowledge. 

Working out at home can be extremely efficient since you don’t have commuting time and associated costs. Coming up with sessions or routines that are stimulating simply requires a little imagination and open-mindedness. In line with this thinking, I’ve got a couple of resources that you may find useful.

For anyone who has limited space and equipment, I recommend The Ultimate Sandbagger’s Workout. This program features video demonstrations of basic exercises that work the entire body, and suggestions for several excellent workouts. 

If you have a backyard, there are a plethora of possibilities for various exercises using things like logs, cinder blocks, buckets, a wheelbarrow, and more. In the Backyard Workout Bonanza, I also include some sprinting, medicine ball work, and a little cryotherapy.

For those who prefer to listen to their training recommendations, Episode 123 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast offers an in-depth discussion on framing workouts, keeping the element of play alive in your training, and specific tweaks to get more out of common pushing and pulling patterns. 

I hope you find these suggestions useful in keeping you fit and on track toward your goals. I also hope you are safe and healthy during these COVID-19 pandemic times as well as every other time. Stay strong everyone!

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