The Athletic Perspective

Greetings and I hope this message finds you enjoying summer to the max. Today I’d like to share a perspective on athletics, athleticism, and athletes.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself engaging with many people on the subject of lifetime athletics. That probably seems obvious given my business name and career path, but I’ve had the pleasure of discussing the athletic life even more often than usual. 

It all comes down to these two statements:

  1. No matter what you do in athletics, you’ll achieve higher (peak) performances, over a longer time period, if you maximize your health. You’ll be able to absorb greater volumes of training, recover more rapidly and effectively, and not compromise your longevity in the process.
  2. Being an athlete is an additive feature to your life and the athletic condition will help you to maintain a higher quality, more enjoyable, and more successful life. Athleticism is a nonnegotiable requirement of the human condition and this absolutely includes cognitive vitality as well as physical vibrance. 

I believe it is important to encourage everyone to find their way in the lifetime athletic journey. It’s not always easy but it’s necessary. To those who say they don’t because they can’t (be athletic), I respectfully suggest they can’t because they don’t (develop and maintain evolutionarily consistent function in the human beast).

I recently had the very enjoyable opportunity to discuss some of these concepts with James Cerbie, founder and director of Rebel Performance. James was a guest on The Lifetime Athlete Podcast and he’s an innovator in coaching and training. He has a cutting-edge platform in which he helps folks address his model of 6 pillars of performance on the way to becoming an Apex Athlete. He believes in being what he calls an “educated meathead” (we discuss this in depth) and training in a manner that does not lead to you ending up feeling like a dumpster fire. I think you’ll really like the vibe and clarity that James brings to the human performance arena.

As for me right now, I’m about to hit a workout. My training this summer (more on this later) has been going decent, but it ain’t all puppies, clouds, and roses. Some things aren’t pretty and there is work to be done. I have goals and I’m working toward them with as much patience, intelligence, and fortitude as possible. It’s the only way when you are a lifetime athlete. Let’s crush it this summer…and beyond.

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