The Ideal Amount of Aerobic Exercise

Right away, you’ll probably agree that the subject in today’s title conjures up much debate and context-dependency. So be it. Let’s talk.

That’s exactly what happened in Episode 175 of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast: The Sweet Spot for Cardio. PK & I discussed a number of considerations and offered advice for lifetime athletes. Here are some of the things we covered:

  • What is the differentiation between Low Intensity Steady-state Training (LIST), High Intensity Training (HIT), and General Daily Activity (GDA)?
  • How do those terms fit into the Guidelines for Physical Activity for Americans?
  • What are some of the unique benefits of aerobic exercise, aka “cardio?”
  • How does cardio impact health, longevity, and performance?
  • What is the optimal intensity for LIST?
  • How long should a workout last?
  • How often should we perform cardio at a minimum on a weekly basis?
  • Who can and should do more?
  • Can a strength athlete or team sport player incorporate cardio without interfering with their gains in other areas?

All this and more! I hope your spring training is shaping up well and that some of these tips can help you.

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