My Shoulder Injury – Initial Information

Howdy! Here’s a quick highlight about a topic I’m covering in some upcoming episodes of The Lifetime Athlete Podcast. It’s the story of my 2021 shoulder injury, and eventually the surgery and rehab experience that went along with it. 

As Lifetime Athletes, and heck for that matter most humans, almost none of us gets through this journey without a couple of injuries and a surgery or two. I’ve already had some experience in that area but I thought I’d share my most recent issue with the Lifetime Athlete audience. And by the way, thank you very much for being a part of this community. I’m hoping you’ll find this tale informative and educational. It might even have a touch of entertainment or humor as well.

This is what I go over in my first rendition:

  • The accident and injury that started it all. 
  • The diagnostic studies I underwent.
  • My interactions with multiple surgeons.
  • My positive reflections regarding the healthcare industry.
  • How I modified my training in the presence of injury and dysfunction.
  • Thoughts on telehealth.
  • What I anticipate for the future.

I plan to follow up soon and discuss my surgical experience in detail. Then I’ll get into the rehab process and probably offer up some unique perspectives. Eventually there will be a “return to sport” and long term outcome episode. All in good time.

I hope you give the pod a listen. Episode 200 is where the shoulder story begins.

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