Ep121 – Updates on Dietary and Training Experiments

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep121 - Updates on Dietary and Training Experiments

This episode of The Lifetime Athlete features a lively discussion between JZ and PK regarding some of the latest happenings in JZ’s n=1 self-investigations. The updates on dietary and training experiments include:

  • The results of Metabolic Flexibility Month. JZ spent the month of March using the Metabolic Flexibility for Athletes program. You may find the outcome surprising.
  • The Poor Man’s Sauna Project. This was a comparison between the use of a traditional hot, dry, Finnish sauna, an infrared model, and a steamy circuit workout using the classic sauna suit (taking it back to the 70’s). The findings were both predictable and interesting.
  • The use of cold for excitatory and adaptive purposes. This was an examination of cold tanks and showers for objectives other than the current popular trends. What you go after, and what you get…all depends on context.
  • JZ’s recent love affair with the Landmine Press exercise. How to do it and why it’s so good.

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