Ep079 – Eliud Kipchoge’s Sub-2 Marathon…What it Means for All of Us!

The Lifetime Athlete
The Lifetime Athlete
Ep079 - Eliud Kipchoge's Sub-2 Marathon...What it Means for All of Us!

On Saturday, October 12th, Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge ran history’s first sub-2 marathon. His time of 1:59:40 represented the breaking of a barrier which many though insurmountable. In this episode, PK & I give a quick recap of Kipchoge’s amazing accomplishment, and then we delve into what his peak performance can mean for all of us. We talk about the relationship of body type and sport, how training, sleep, and nutrition are a trifecta of excellence, the critical value of tribe and community, and how health can be maintained in concert with peak performance. We take many inspirations from Eliud’s record-setting run, and ultimately finish up by issuing the Kipchoge Challenge!

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