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Coaching and Training Secrets…Edition 1 of 10,000!

Coaching and Training Secrets – Edition #1 of 10,000 Ok…maybe there won’t be 10,000 of these posts, but there is lot of material in this category for sure. I really enjoy working with clients in pursuit of their health and performance goals, and there are a lot of strategies and tools we utilize to get results. In this week’s podcast,…

Ep040 – Coaching and Training Secrets

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep040 - Coaching and Training Secrets

Getting results in health and performance depends upon the combination of art and science. In this episode, PK & I discuss some of the finer points of the coaching relationship and key variables in training program design. We also share the value of hormetic stressors, and some fun but useful “bro-talk” terms. Enjoy! For additional resources, visit The Lifetime Body…

Eating and Training: Getting Results

Or you could call it “Fasting, Feeding, and Fitness.” Or a “Festival of Exercise and Feasting.” Or not.   Let’s get right into this perspective on how what and when we eat (or don’t) can impact our workout performance, recovery, and conditioning gains. In this week’s podcast, PK and I discussed several factors surrounding the topic of strategic dining, and…

Ep014 – Tips on Movement, Food, and Sleep

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep014 - Tips on Movement, Food, and Sleep

In today’s episode, PK and I tackle some frequently asked questions concerning the topics of movement, food, and sleep. Clients often ask things like “What is the best exercise I can do…how do training and eating fit together…and what can I do to make my bedroom more sleep-friendly?” We answer these questions and more as we share some simple secrets…

Ep013 – Recipe for Success…Cooking Your Fitness!

The Lifetime Athlete
Ep013 - Recipe for Success...Cooking Your Fitness!

In this episode, PK and I take a dive into the 5 types of exercise that make up The Lifetime Body Training System: Aerobic, Mobility-Stability, Resistance, High Intensity Intervals, and Sprinting. To help create a better understanding of these methods of fitness and performance enhancement, we compare each form of exercise to a familiar and common cooking technique. In many…