Target Your Goal, Take Off in Pursuit, and Soar to Great Heights!

Any questions? Sounds good and makes sense…right? I think we’ve all heard that advice before, but let me explain why I’m offering it up right now.

I was out for a drive on a rural road near my home recently. This area has a lot of raptors, especially in the autumn. As I crested a small hill on the gravel road, I noticed a hawk perched on a fencepost, visually dissecting a field for a potential lunch. For whatever reason, I viewed that hawk as representative of any of us in the process of defining and identifying a goal. Lunch in the case of the hawk could just as easily have been better health, improved fitness, or crushing performance for us.

As the hawk took off in pursuit of its goal, his powerful sweeping flight took him rocketing through the air just a few feet off the ground, going after his goal with complete focus. The result of this effort was the reward of a mouse. The hawk got what he was after by going for it with no distraction and complete concentration. A lesson for all of us no matter what our objective.

Following goal attainment, the hawk soared high into the sky and circled effortlessly on the thermals, basked in the golden autumn sunlight. I’m not sure this was a victory celebration, but that’s the feeling I got. I hope you can be like the hawk and soar to great heights in all your life endeavors.

This week on the podcast, PK and I talked about experiments in health and fitness. I want to encourage all of you to conduct your own experiments (safely, of course) and soar to great heights.

  One thought on “Target Your Goal, Take Off in Pursuit, and Soar to Great Heights!

  1. KZ
    October 31, 2019 at 4:13 am

    popular request:
    climbing (rock/ice) training

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